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Why Silver Jewelry Is Better Than Other Forms Of Jewelry

There are tons of materials out there that manufacturers use for making jewelry. Clearly, the price of your jewelry is proportionate to the raw material used for manufacturing it. But in this industry, people often debate over one major issue, which is the clash between Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel.

The debate continues to fight on due to the fact that the preference for these metals lies in the grey area. This is because both metal compounds have similar behaviors, appearance, and ability. Such that both are shiny, strong, and the ability of immunity against corroding. However, some may choose Stainless Steel over Sterling silver due to its low cost. This is why many famous fashion-retailers chose this material to manufacture their jewelry in high bulk. While some companies would choose Stainless steel to manufacture every usage such as utensils due to its high durability factor. Unarguably, Stainless Steel wins over this part of the industry, but when it comes to valuable hand-craft jewelry, I have to give it to Sterling Silver, and this is why...

1. You Want To Feel Free While Wearing Your Jewelry

Sterling Silver is much lighter than Stainless Steel. When it comes to wearing your jewelry, especially bracelets and necklace, you would not want to wear something that weighs you down the entire day. Therefore, by wearing a Sterling Silver made jewelry, you would just feel like you are wearing feathers.

2. Shine Like A Diamond

Sterling Silver shines brighter when compared with Stainless Steel. When you want that piece to reflect the highest amount of light that shines onto it, you have to choose Sterling Silver.

Nevertheless, since it is made from silver, Sterling Silver can tarnish and requires jewelry care to restore its beauty. Please check out Jewellery Land for jewelry care products.

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