The ideal size for your ring should be able to fit comfortably on your finger while also being snug enough that it does not accidentally fall off. Aside from accurately measuring your ring size at your local jeweler, this article will show how you can achieve your ring size at home by following these steps below:

If you are unable to resize the diagram freely from this webpage, we advise that you download the PDF file --->
which is set to the size of ‘A4 paper’ and all the diagrams set at their correct size.  



Ring size is determined by the inner diameter of the ring. Thus, we have provided you with a ring size circles diagram below for

measuring your exact ring size. Please follow the instruction for accurate measurement:


1. Print out the diagram below or zoom in on this webpage for whichever device you are on, and make sure the measurement 

below the ring picture matches the real-world length by using a ruler as a reference. 

  • For instance, the line under ring “size 3” should be exactly 14 mm or 1.4 cm. 

  • If you chose to zoom in on this webpage instead of the printing method, please make sure to not accidentally zoom out

        while doing the measurement.


2. Find a ring that you already have and fits comfortably on your finger.

3. Place the ring over the diagram to match the nearest circle size with the inside of your ring. 

4. If the ring size falls between the two sizes, we would advise you to choose the larger size. 


This method determines the ring size by using the circumference of your finger. The finger size strip below will aid you in this measurement. Please follow the steps below to achieve the ring size: 


1. Print out the ring size strip diagram below

  • Make sure to match the length ratio of the diagram with the real-world measurement. In this case, the length

        between line A and line B must be 3.5 inches or 8.9 cm.

  • Or you can download the PDF file below, which is set to the size of "A4 paper" and the strip at its correct size.  


2. Carefully cut the diagram out, as well as, the slit inside the strip at the left end.

3. Wrap the strip around the finger you wish to measure with the scale facing upwards as shown in the diagram Fig. 2.

4. Pull the narrow end through the slit until the strip fits snugly on your finger.

  • Make sure that the strip can MOVE THROUGH the widest part of the finger, such as the KNUCKLE. 


5. The number that lines up with the slit represents your finger ring size circumference as shown in Fig. 1.

  • Avoid measuring cold fingers as this is when fingers are at their smallest size.

  • Measure your finger in warm temperatures at the end of the day.


  • Find out from a reliable source; friend, parent, etc. what the intended recipient’s ring/finger size is.

  • Borrow your intended recipient’s best-fitted ring and find out the ring size by using the above-mentioned diameter method.

  • Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand. The ring finger is located between

         the little finger and the middle finger.



Necklaces and neck-chains can be worn in different lengths and styles. Try to choose the length and style of the necklace or neck chain based on neck size, personality, and clothing.

After you found out your neck circumference size, see below for the style you want and add the number of the style (eg. 12 for The Collar) to your neck circumference size.


Please see the diagrams below to choose different styles of lengths that fit you the most:

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 1.42.33 PM.png
The Collar: 12 to 13 Inches

Collar necklaces are worn closely around the neck and can consist of multiple strands. This type of necklace looks nice with V-necks, boat necks, and off–the–shoulder clothing.

The Choker: 14 to 16 Inches
A Choker has a very classic as well as a versatile look and falls around the base of the neck. Chokers look beautiful on all types of clothing or neckline.


The Princess: 17 to 19 Inches
The Princess is the most popular necklace length and falls just below the throat. It lies between choker and matinee length. A pendant can also be added for a bold and eye-catching look. Princess necklaces look beautiful in all types of attire.

The Matinee: 20 to 24 Inches
Matinee style also offers one of the most popular necklace lengths and it comes in between princess and opera length. Matinee necklaces look stunning in casual or business attire.


The Opera: 30 to 36 Inches
Opera necklaces come in lengths that range from 30 to 36 inches long. You can wear this as a single or double strand. It is perfect for high or crew necklines and is very complimentary, especially to evening wear.

The Rope: 40 to 45+ Inches
A Rope necklace comes in the longest length and it has a different and dramatic look. A rope necklace looks elegant on most any type of clothing. This necklace can be transformed into a multi-strand necklace and when worn with strands of graduated lengths, it is known as a bib necklace.


Nevertheless, if you have any problems with the measuring procedure, feel free to contact us at the chatbox or email us at