JEWELLERY LAND was founded in 2002. Before entering to silver jewellery field, the company is well known for jewellery tools and machines provider. By having a bold experience on manufacturing jewellery for decades, the company, at that time was ready for a further move in business extension.

With full dimension of experiences in realistic techniques and varieties of idea from all clients around the world, the company is now an expert as a wholesale jeweler as well as being proficiency in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

The company is offering different types of silver jewellery (Plain, Stone, Cubic zirconia, Crystal). The clients will find ready-made jewellery in our store together with silver beads and silver spare parts to be assembled for their own designs.

Our services include 'Plating on a silver jewellery.' Gold plating and rose gold plating are very popular among the European clients. Rhodium plating is also available as well as silver oxidisation. We're not only providing various range of advices in silver jewellery field, but are also willing to serve all clients with kindness and smile.